Heaving/Rescue Ball is the Modern Day Monkey Fist

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Heaving /Rescue Ball

The Modern Day Monkey Fist

We offer three versions of this line throwing device .

Shown below are the heaving/rescue ball and two other end variations.

Durable PVC and high visibility color make this the modern day monkey fist.

Navsea approved. Meets CFR lifeboat requirements.

Any boater or marina would find this useful to help rescue a fellow boater and pull them in.

Heaving/Rescue Ball    $24.95

  EWHB001     4-1/2" diameter    Weight .75 lb.

Heaving/Rescue Ball has many uses.


Heaving/Rescue  Ball w/70 ft

solid braid polypro       $43.95

EWHB002    Ball w/3/8" x 70 ft solid braid  float rope.  Weight  3 lbs.
        Heaving//Rescue Ball and a 70 foot length of float rope                                 

Heaving/Rescue Ball w/Tail   $29.95

EWHB003     12" tail w/eye splice and ball        Weight   1 lb.
   Heaving/throwing ball has many uses with a tail.          

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